Prioritizing High-Quality Education

While we've made historic investments in education over the past two legislative sessions, there is much work to be done.  Oregon still ranks at the bottom of many important metrics we use to evaluate our schools - such as the student-to-teacher ratio.  We can do better than this.

Dan is committed to making Oregon's education system one that we can all be proud of.  Our education system should prepare our students for the ever-changing workforce and fuel innovation within the state at its higher levels.  It's why Dan believes that a strong educational system is the foundation of a strong economy.

Making sure our kids are getting a quality education from early grades through high school is crucial to preparing them for successful futures.  Once they graduate, they need to be able to continue their education at colleges like LBCC and OSU to be ready to compete and succeed in the rapidly changing job market.

Dan Rayfield has the kind of education plan we expect from our State Representative:

  • Restore music, arts, and PE classes to give students a well-rounded education.
  • Reduce class sizes to increase student performance.
  • Provide vocational training, mentorship programs, and apprenticeship programs for Oregonians.
  • Invest in universities and community colleges to build a skilled workforce.
  • Restore funding to universities and community colleges to increase accessibility for prospective students.
  • Give more children the opportunity to start their educations off right with early childhood education.
  • Ease the burden of student debt for those starting off in life by implementing a state tax credit and creating a loan refinance program to lower interest rates on student loans.