Rayfield Hosts Special Guests at Upcoming Community Coffee

CORVALLIS – Dan Rayfield, the Democratic candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives District 16, will host Benton County Commissioner Annabelle Jaramillo and Corvallis City Council Candidate Zach Baker at his next community coffee.  Rayfield will hold the community coffee from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., on Saturday, July 5th, at the Corvallis New Morning Bakery, 219 SW 2nd St.

This event will give voters the opportunity to share ideas on ways city, county, and state government can coordinate their efforts to address local issues.

“Having partnerships among all levels and branches of government is important when working to solve a problem or make progress,” said Rayfield.  “Commissioner Jaramillo has vast experience with county government and Zach Baker will add new ideas from a city perspective.”

While Commissioner Jaramillo has been a mainstay of Benton County government for more than a decade, Zach Baker recently announced his candidacy for Corvallis City Council, Ward 3.  Baker is a recent law school graduate with a professional background in environmental and agricultural policy.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said Jaramillo.  “I never turn down an opportunity to discuss ways to improve and build public-private partnerships that expand opportunities, grow local businesses, and protect our environment and quality of life.”

“I believe in a responsive city government that proactively solicits public input on important local issues,” Baker said.  “This is a perfect opportunity for community members to participate in these discussions and share their ideas.”