Rep. Dan Rayfield Supports Students

Dan Rayfield, Democratic Representative for Oregon House District 16, is launching a brand new opportunity called the Willamette Valley Legislative Fellowship. The goal of the fellowship is to provide students with tangible skills and professional experience that will prepare them for future positions in policy, administrative, and campaign positions.

“With the uniqueness of this coming election and legislative session we wanted provide students with a better experience than traditional internships,” Rayfield said. “Our goal is to give students real practical experience that they will actually be able to use later in life, not just answering a telephone.”

The Fellowship will be set up in a format to allow students flexibility with summer and fall scheduling. Fellows will meet once a week for workshops or project check-ins.  Fellows will be partaking in a uniquely crafted curriculum consisting of professional workshops, a guest-speaker series, and working on various projects applying the skills taught in the curriculum.

Full details about the Fellowship can be found here. The Fellowship is competitive and space is limited so if you are interested submit a cover letter and resume to Ryan Beaston by June 10th at; you can also direct any questions to Ryan.